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Limestone and jasperoid
Limestone replaced by mineral crystals from geothermal solutions; minimum a 1000 feet thick
Crystals of pyrite, chalcopyrite, silver sulfide (horn silver), galena. quartz and silica in veins, seams and pockets.
Mine operated until 1986
Recently tested extraction of metals by high pressure insitu gravity leaching via two shallow drill hole in the exposed vertical rock face of the ore body.
Mine produced 85 million oz of Ag between 1860 and 1885.
High grade zones 15% Cu and 30 oz Ag.
Leaching test over 10 day period produced 5 lbs of concentrate with more than 20% precious metals from a drill hole in the high grade minralization.
Leaching test in lower grade section (83 ppb Au) produced approximately 100 lbs of concentrate a day with 6.6 parts per million gold and 10 to 20 times that in Ag.
Property Details & Access:

Access via 4 wheel drive over 5 miles of dirt road, 30 miles over State Road from Milford, and equally distant from the airport in Salt Lake and Las Vegas.
Detail Location:  30 miles West of Milford in the Frisco Mountain range
Other Comments:
Method allows mining of low grade ore with minimal surface disturbance.
Minimum ROI will be 1000 oz of gold per month.
Vendor / Contact: 

Email: nuta.01Submitted 11/12
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