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Geology:  PreCambrian volcanic pile, andesite. low-angle faulting, associated brecciation, shearing and intense alteration. Large mafic dike.
Mineralization:  Quartz veining in the West Brothers shaft area, together with an illite-kaolinite alteration envelope overlaying the silicified zone.
Extensive brecciation in the Hog Canyon area, including both chalcedonic and calcite andsilica tectonic breccia. Mineralization of significance includes wide chalcedonic ribs that parallel HOG canyon on the north side of the wash. These ribs are roughly 20' to 30' thick and in places are sheared and brecciated. East of Hog Canyon wash lies chacedonic breccia and a jasperiod quartz which is fractured and filled with secondary silica and limonite. Partial exposures of illite-kaolinite alteration zones are scattered over property. A flat lying silicified shear zone is intersected by a near vertical quartz filled fault zone and at nearly right angles.
Work:  West Brothers produced gold in the 1930's. There are two past production shafts, one exploration shaft, one exploration adit, one production drift now caved; dozer cuts and scattered hand dug pits. Some gold production by Shumway/Craig joint venture.
Results:  930,000 tons of gold bearing ore above ground.
Engineer states "I do not hesitate to state, without fear or favor, that this gold prospect is one of the best I have ever examined."
Property Details & Access:  10 lode claims
road access; 1/2 mile off main highway. Two hours out of Phoenix, 30 Minutes out of Payson
Detail Location:  Just south of Payson, Arizona and East of Rye, Arizona. Situated in T9N, R11E, Secs. 16, 17, 20 and 21. Green Valley Mining District, Gila County, Arizona.
Other Comments:  Must see the property and reports if interested.
Easy access to highway, water on property.
Ore reserves very conservative-limited to surface material.
You can see the evidence of tubes or shooting and porphyry and uplift is all there pointing to hydrothermal activity and strong volcanic activity
Vendor / Contact:
Ginger E. Duncan
1631 N. Tamarisk Drive, Chandler, Az. 85224
Phone: 602-697-4124 ari01Submitted 08/16
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