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Wide, flat alluvial deposit with 0-30ft of mud covering 0-14ft of river gravels. Wide elevated benches of similar description. Mostly frozen in the upper reaches and thawed in the lower.
Alluvial gold, -8 to 200 mesh Tyler in size .
Operated Eldorado Placers on the property from 1987 until it was sold in 2005. Exploratory drill lines across valley above and below all major tributaries along with some trenching, shafting and bulk sampling.
Gold is relatively small in size with little in the way of nuggets and high in fineness at 84%. Matrix is clean and well seperated with little in the way of clay and is easily processed. Little in the way of other heavy concentrates.
Property Details & Access:
642 claims
Access by three summer season gravel roads in the upper reaches and by river & road in the lower.
Detail Location:
Sixtymile district, ~ sixty miles west of Dawson City. Lat 64.02 N by Long 140.28 W
Other Comments:
Can be purchased entirely or in smaller units of not less than mile in length (approx 11-33 claims depending. Claims range in price from $3,000-5,000 depending on location etc.

Longest continuously mined creek in the Klondike mining district with production to date ~500,000 ounces of gold. Eldorado Placer produced ~55,000 fine ounces of gold from 1987 to 2005. 1,048 contiguous placer claims with exploratory testing done and gold showings throughout. Ore reserves have > not been calculated as further bulk sampling is required.
Vendor / Contact: Greg Hakonson
nyk01Submitted: 08/16
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