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Most easterly exposure of rocks Amer Gp (ca. 2.45 to 2.1 Ga) unconformably overlying Archean basement rocks (ca. 2.72 to 2.70 Ga) . Amer Gp rocks subdivided into two clastic packages subdivided by a carbonate unit, and locally by mafic volcanic flows.Upper clastic sequence comprises pyritic mudstones and siltstones with graphitic lenses, dolostone, and an upper unit comprised of feldspathic sandstone (arkose), siltstone and siliceous dolostone
In the deposit:  uranium mineralization stratigraphically controlled; occurring within stacked thin sheets of grey to red arkose interbedded with a sequence of laminated to banded siltstone and dolomitic siltstone, over a stratigraphic interval of 250 meters and striking 1,700 metres.
Assay values from the mineralized arkose horizons range from 0.5 to 1.5% U3O8 over 0.2 meter thicknesses enclosed in greater thicknesses of 1.5 to 2.0 meters that grade up to 0.17% U3O8 . 43-101 compliant resource calculation from 2011:
based on 62 drill holes totaling 2,285 meters with a base cut-off of 0.01% U3O8
20.9 million pounds U3O8 (22,948,000 tonnes averaging 0.041% U3O8 ).
Deposit remains open to the south and to the west.
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~145 km N of Baker Lake; and ~70 km NW of an all-season road connecting Meadowbank gold deposit to the community of Baker Lake which is on tide water
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Adamera Minerals
Phone: +1 604 689 2010 nnu08Submitted: 11/16
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