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Central Omineca Porphyry Copper-Gold belt
Within the 60 km long E-W trending flexure anchored by the Mt. Milligan deposit to the SE
Microdiorite intrusive into Takla andesites.Tuffs interbedded with volcanic breccias and flows. Minor porphyritic granite
Disseminated chalcopyrite and pyrite seen in scarce outcrop.
early 1990's:  grid work, soil sampling and IP Survey (Placer Dome)
Several regional magnetic and radiometric anomalies regional magnetic highs coincide with IP highs.
Irregular, large 400m x 1000m soil geochem copper anomaly > 100 ppm Cu with partly overlapping gold in soils > 10 ppb Au. Several Au values exceed 100 ppb Au. Partly overlapping Ag anomaly 300 x 1000m.
IP shows weak to moderate chargeability anomaly ~ 1000 x 1000m and is open. Central moderate IP anomaly is 1000m x 200-400m. The IP covers the Geochem anomaly, but is much larger.
NW trending mag high, 400m x 1200m (open) in centre of the IP high (likely microdiorite intrusive). IP and Mag highs are still open at the shore of Klawli Lake.
Property Details & Access:
1065 ha
Logging roads passes along north shore of Klawli L, Fixed wing aircraft can land on Klawli L.
Detail Location:
~130 km by road from Ft St James, 45 km WNW of Mt Milligan mine
Other Comments:
Available for option.
KLA property hosts exellent exploration potential for alkalic Cu-Au porphyry and porphyry-related targets.
Cu-Au at nearby Mt. Milligan occurs in both intrusive and volcanic rocks, largely hosted by qtz vein stockworks with high Au:Cu ratios. Regional magnetic highs on Klasimilar to Mt. Milligan
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Will Kahlert
nbc32Submitted 08/16