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Shuswap Metamorphic Complex, Omineca crystalline belt.
Highly deformed gneisses of sedimentary origin,with interbedded calc-silicate and marble .
as thin stringers and coarse disseminations of sphalerite in the calc-silicate and marble; of finegrained to medium-grained sphalerite, with pyrrhotite and pyrite in a highly siliceous matrix; horizon is discontinuous, splitting into two lenses, and pinching and swelling.
One million dollars of exploration have been spent on the property, mostly in 2007 and 2008.

2008:  drilling
1998:  prospecting on the property reviewed the previous work, and recommended a program of drilling 36 holes on 24 sections, for a total of 2925 metres
of drilling, AR 25,641 (D.H. Green, P.Eng) 1988:  IP and magnetic surveys, trenching, diamond drilling, of showings to the north of the New showing, and geological mapping surrounding the showings, AR 18,359 (Rea and Verdstone)
1987: 1269 soil samples over 66 line km of cut and chained lines over four showings (Rea and Verdstone)
1986:  re-established the central control grid, prospecting, a geochemical survey in the southern half of property, built access roads, trenching.(Rea Gold Corp, Verdstone Gold Corp)
1987:  three-phase drilling program, 8347.8 metres in 95 holes (Rea and Verdstone)
1981 9 drill holes, 664.1 metres in the North Strat area, to follow up on geological mapping, soil geochemistry, and IP surveying (Cominco)
1980  detailed geological mapping, prospecting, a geochemical soil survey, IP and magnetic surveys on two grids, 15 drill holes, 1277.3 metres at New Showing, Main Boulder area, and the Raft synform, AR 8317 (Cominco)
1979  geochemistry, IP surveys on 4 grids on, or partly on, present property, magnetic surveys on two,18 drill holes, totaling 2768 metres. AR 7644 (Cominco)
1978  IP, magnetic and VLF surveys in three stages (Cominco)
1975 magnetic, VLF and IP surveying over on geochemical anomalies and showings, three drill holes, AR 5613 (Riocanex)
1974 airborne EM. and magnetic survey, soil and stream sediment geochemical surveys, prospecting and a diamond drilling AR 5189, (Riocanex)
property hosts:
  : Partially drilled 1250 m long zone (NEW SHOWING) with dozens of intersections of up to and over 5 metres in true thickness grading over 12% Zn, 3% Pband minorAg; individual high grade intersections up to 30% Zn.
2003 43-101 compliant inferred mineral resource of 360,000 tonnes grading 11.3% Zn and 2% Pbat a specific gravity of 3.66.

  : 20 km long folded zone discontinuous mineralization (within which the "New Showing" is contained). Zn values up to 24% on surface in several surface showings and in drill core, occurring northwest, north and south of "New Showing".
Property Details & Access:
40000 Ha
Direct road access via paved highway a good gravel road
Detail Location:
Near Clearwater, Kamloops MD
51 degrees 52 minutes N 119 Degrees 34 minutes W
Map 082 M /13E
Other Comments:
2008 drilling extended "New Showing" 250 metres south. The mineral horizon of the "New Showing" seems to have been cut off to the northwest by a fold and its extension has yet to be found although good mineralization has been located a further 200 metres north. Many areas requiring further work- untested targets include:
- Geochemical anomalies
- Geophysical anomalies
- Incomplete drilled off mineralized areas
Future work required:
- Infilling and extending geochemical and geophysical grids
- Prospecting
- Trenching
- Diamond Drilling
- Geological and structural mapping and 3D modeling
A 43-101 compliant report documenting the 2008 work underway
Vendor / Contact:
Denis Delisle
Phone:  250 955 6175
Leo Lindinger
Phone:  250 554-6887     Cell:  250 319 0717
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