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Covers approx. 14.5 km. of the inter-Volcanic Tertiary Fraser river channel
placer in Tertiary conglomerate
inter-Volcanic Tertiary Fraser channel hosts coarse Au. in a 6'to 10' layer at the conglomerate/bedrock interface, and within cracks in the bedrock.
2006:  air photo analysis
2007: -physical prospecting
2008: remote sensing survey
2009: seismic refraction survey
2010:  seismic reflection work
2011-2015:  six resistivity profiling surveys, further airphoto analysis
2015:  physical prospecting/Geological mapping and sedimentology of the exposed Tertiary conglomerate.
All geophysics conducted on PC682023 indicate a channel with the same size, shape, depth, seismic signiture, and aligned with the known Tertiary Fraser channel to the east of the adjoining "Nappy" claim.
Large exposure of Tertiary conglomerate characteristic of the inter-Volcanic Fraser River was mapped on PC682023 in 2015 at the N.W. extent of the discovery in the Blackwater River canyon.
Property Details & Access:
PC682023, 1,257 ha, 14 km long
Direct access by highway and Forest Service roads
Detail Location:
38 km north of Quesnel,
Other Comments:
The locally-occurring, inter-Volcanic Tertiary Fraser channel hosts an estimated 60,000 ozs. Au per lineal km. Given these values, the 14 km. on the BlackwaterX claim will hold 840,000 ozs. Au, with Pt and Ag values.
The claim is offered for sale for $5 million(U.S.) by a two-year working Option to Purchase, with a 1% deposit required.
This property is offered for mining purposes only, and ownership to the title to it does not include ownership of the surface rights or the rights to use the surface for residential of recreational purposes.
Vendor / Contact:
Guy Carter-President, Blackwater Explorations Ltd.
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