Table Canada
6.3 km. of Tertiary Fraser River channel
Coarse nugget gold in dry conglomerate on an average 10' x 100' face at the bedrock/conglometate interface, and within cracks in the shale bedrock.
panning non-mechanized testing/ prospecting
Average grades of .2 ozs. Au per ton were consistent in prior mining and bulk sampling of this channel.
Estimated and Indicated 137,000 to 236,500 ozs. Au plus Ag values
Property (PC 1051366) in B.C. Min. of mines Minfile 093-G 041 describes the deposit as a 6.3 km extension of the pay zone mined at the Tertiary and Canyon mines, based upon work conducted by QPX Minerals(Placer Dome company), Engineer: L.J. Manning P.Eng
Property Details & Access:
97 ha
Direct road access via Hwy 97 from Quesnel and secondary roads
Detail Location:
Cariboo MD,
30 km. north of Quesnel, 35-minute drive
Other Comments:
Dry underground mining of the deposit is now warranted.

100% of this historic property is for sale or option
$500,000.00 (Can) total price. I suggest a two-year working option to purchase.
All reasonable offers will be respectfully considered.
Vendor / Contact:
Guy Carter-Prospector, 100% property owner.
Phone: (250) 463-1155
nbc06Submitted 09/17