Granodiorite pluton shaped (2x5 km) within granite-gneiss basement and Nyanzian BIF, metasediments and metavolcanics, cut by NE-shear zone and N-trending faults.
Mineralization: Two styles of mineralization:
Chalcopyrite, bornite, molybdenite, pyrite, native gold stockwork, dissiminated Mo in host granite-gneisses
Arsenopyrite, pyrrhotite and gold veins & veinlets in greenstone.
Work: 1978-1980:  Airborne magnetic&radiometric&gravity incl. detail magnetic 1:25 000 (Geosurvey International Gmbh);
2000-2011:  regional and detail soil sampling, RAB&RC drilling ( Tan Range, Obtala and GEL)
2014 : detail soil sampling, trenching, mapping
2015:  RC drilling
Few Cu-Au-Mo soil anomalies up to 0.97 g/t Au, 500 g/t Cu, 66 g/t Mo and few Au-As soil anomalies, all elongated to E-NE, size up to 2 km length and 0.5 km wide. Rock chips up to 52.5 g/t.
Porphyry mineralization grades up to 1.82 g/t Au, 0.23% Mo, 0.13% Cu, 5 g/t Ag.
Greenstone lode gold up to 5 g/t Au, 3 g/t Ag. (best result 3m 5g/t)

Trench and 2 of 3 RC holes, returned significant intervals:
TR: 33m 0.29 g/t Au, 0.03% Cu, 2 g/t Ag, incl.:
5m 0.72 g/t Au, 0.06% Cu, 3 g/t Ag
RC01: 35m 0.27 g/t Au, 0.025% Cu,
incl. 5m 0.5 g/t, 0.035% Cu, 0.006% Mo and 8m 0.52 g/t Au, 0.07% Mo, 0.04% Cu,
incl: 2m 0.92 g/t Au, 0.02% Mo, 0.036% Cu and 4m 0.55 g/t Au, 0.11% Mo, 0.046% Cu, 0.005% Bi
RC03: 32m 0.152 g/t Au, 0.021% Cu and 1m 0.77 g/t Au, 0.04% Cu EOH.
Property Details & Access:
10, 100% owned PL and PML

Very good infrastructure and light access : 15 km from Shinyanga town by national road and 5 km by unpaved (by 4x4 only at rain season) , about 8 km to Shinyanga airport.
Detail Location:
Lake Victoria Goldfields,Shinyanga-Malita greenstone belt, Shinyanga region
Other Comments:
Property hosts exellent potential for porphyry style Cu-Mo-Au-Ag mineralization and greenstone lode Au-Ag targets.
High-voltage line about 5 km from site
Vendor looking to sell the property.
Vendor / Contact:
nta01Submitted 01/16
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